Warmly welcome to the Women’s Shelter Ellinor
and the Young Women’s Shelter Beata in Linkoping.

Here you can get help and support from women who understand your situation, if you have been a victim of physical or psychological abuse, rape, incest, or other forms of oppression and sexualised violence.

The phone number of the Women’s Shelter is 013-13 43 84. When you call you can be anonymous. You can also e-mail us at jouren@ellinor.se.

The Women’s Shelter Ellinor is a politically and religiously independent charity. The women working for the Shelter have a profound knowledge of violence against women and will understand what you are talking about. They all have professional confidentiality, which means nothing you say to them will be passed on to a third party, and they have no obligation to report to the authorities.

The Women’s Shelter Ellinor offers a help line, protected accommodation in emergency situations, and support during visits to doctors, police or lawyers. You can also get advice on how you as a woman can benefit from your rights.

The Young Women’s Shelter Beata, focusing on younger women, is also part of the organisation. You can reach their help line on 020-31 53 84. It is free to call 020-numbers.

At the Women’s Shelter we speak both Swedish and English, but you are welcome to contact us even if you don’t speak any of these languages. In that case, you will have to start by calling the Women’s Shelter Terrafem in Stockholm, where the female staff speaks 35 different languages. They can help you to contact us, so that you can get help and support in Linkoping. We will help to arrange an interpreter for you. Terrafem’s phone number is 020-521010.